Facelifts for Men

There was a 14 percent rise in facelifts for men last year, over the previous year 2009, states the study.  This particular cosmetic procedure saw the greatest bump in popularity with men, followed by ear-shaping surgery with an 11 percent increase over the previous year.  Eyelid surgery came in at a modest four percent hike, and fat-removing liposuction at seven percent, compared with 2009 statistics.

The trend seems to be that more men are considering plastic surgery.  Just a decade ago, cosmetic surgery was a rare topic for even women.  Now, with ten years of reality TV like Extreme Makeover and Miami Slice we see a public more accustomed to the idea of cosmetic procedures in general, procedures for men, and even invasive plastic surgery like facelifts for men.

Men in the business world who are aging and want to keep an edge opt for a more youthful appearance via facelifts.  For men, facelifts bring back the appearance of vitality and youth, which ares important in many professions, including the legal world, military, politicians, and lobbyists.

Many facelifts for men are performed on patients within the baby-boom generation.  This is a huge segment of the population, which happens to fall statistically within the prime age group for most cosmetic plastic procedures.